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Amelco Electric (Calgary) Ltd. is a full service diversified electrical contractor. Amelco provides new construction, renovation and maintenance services.

Sustainable Growth

Amelco has experienced steady growth since the company was founded in 1983. Many of today’s ownership team have been with the company since the 1980’s.

Growth has been fueled by employee experience, dedication and company-wide commitment to excellence. The knowledge and expertise they bring to each job contributes directly to our ability to provide quality workmanship. This adds value to customer relationships.

Project managers, superintendents and foremen are empowered to make decisions to solve jobsite problems and move projects forward.


Clients depend on Amelco’s long term stability due to a leadership succession plan. Employees are carefully selected following a rigorous vetting process. Reliability is paramount to success in the construction industry.

Our owners are forward looking and guided by a clear sense of vision. Their leadership has established Amelco’s position as a market leader.

Customer Relationships

We have earned a high level of trust through maintaining strong relationships. We go of our way to consistently complete projects on time and on budget. We earn customer loyalty by providing exceptional service and keeping our promises.


We are a long standing member of the Calgary Construction Association, the Calgary Home Builders Associations, Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECAA) and Merit Contractors Association. Amelco adheres to the Canadian Construction Association’s model code of ethics.

New Technology

Amelco professionals track emerging trends by staying in contact with manufacturers, engineers, architects, and designers. We also use Building Information Modeling (BIM) programs which facilitates key decision-making from the earliest conceptual stages through to the finished project.